Here are all updates of the iOS 5 beta 7 – Article updated constantly

On September 2, 2011

Yesterday Apple finally launched the beta 7 version of the operating system iOS 5 but the interesting part is that this new version comes less than two weeks from the previous one, sign that Apple speeds the testing process.

In iOS 5 beta 7 we have the bugfixes from the previous problems but we also have some news that I will elaborate below.

If have jailbreak do not try to make update using the software function because the update will not work.

1. Apple begins to translate the menu descriptions from the menu of the Software Update of iOS 5 in most languages compatible with the official operating system.

2. New characters are listed for iOS 5 keyboards.

3. Delta update for iPhone 4 has only 70 MB less than the previous one.

4. Unfortunately, this beta version contains a bug that prevents users to listen songs in iPod application. The only solution found involves deleting music and perform a resynchronization with iTunes.

5. Some owners of iPhone 3GS/iPod Touch failed to make complete update through Software Update and got the terminals in Recovery Mode so you should use iTunes to install the iOS 5 beta 7.