Here is how much will Siri eats of your mobile subscription

On November 10, 2011

Siri, the unique voice assistant from the iPhone 4S, to work needs a data network connection required for communication with the Apple servers. Have you ever wondered how much data traffic can the assistant voice “eat”?

So to search the net, it consumes about 23KB and 187KB for each search between depending on the type of the search by an average we get about 63Kb for each query.

Other activities such as dictation, notes, alarms and the rest consume 72.2Kb. If let’s say that we are searching truly useful information every day doesn’t exceed more than 10 to 15 searches per day and is still in test phase in which the Siri application with it’s awesome kinds of questions more or less relevant it would consume about 20Mb per month. But we must keep in mind that this consumption is not only data but also 3G WiFi. So in the event that you are thinking of taking a subscription to the net and have an iPhone 4S mobile will have to take into account the traffic generated by Siri.