Hippo High Dive – Do not get burnt !

On May 24, 2011

As the title of this application says , you play as a hippo, and you jump off a high dive‚Ä쬆 hopefully you will land in a small pool of water below.Maybe it sounds easy but¬† it’s not that easy because¬† between you and the pool where you need to land¬† are a series of flaming hoops that you need to miss your plump posterior through on the way down by moving your iPhone.





If you will miss a hoop then you lose a life, also if you touch  the edge of a flaming ring (and get burnt) twice you will lose a life.Because of the surprisingly flexible skin of your average hippopotamus, you have three lives to reach the bottom.

With every high dive that you will complete , the diving board will get  higher so you fall faster. The levels are randomly generated and have no height limit, even if  the online leaderboards are currently topping out at 1150m for first place.