Paper Glider Para Drop – an addictive game

On May 16, 2011

Your objective on this game is that to hit the spot in Paper Glider Para Drop. Jump from your device¬† on the right moment to land safely onto the trampoline…
But be careful ,because if you will miss the target  you could sizzle in the campfire or splat in a doggy doo!



If you will press once , you will jump out of your glider and after that if will will click again you will  open your parachute , but be careful , try to open it before the fence and after that  let the wind carry you safely to the trampoline. If you will land  in the middle of the landing zone the game will  give you BIG points!

A perfect  landing will reward you with a multiplier, so try to  get as many as possible in a row for a MAXIMUM score!



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