Hot iPhone Apps for the early month of November

On November 5, 2011

The number of apps in the Apple App Store is getting bigger by the day. New applications that are great are being added en masse by the day. Here are some hot applications in the App Store right now.


Usually applications such as Yelp offers review on restaurants but never the dishes that they serve. That changes with Oink where you can take photos of the foods inside the restaurant and rate them. You can also check out comments from other users on the food as well.


ScoutLook gives in-depth information about the weather at a particular place in the United States. In fact, it can give information as accurately as possible in the user’s area as it uses the GPS to track the location of where the user is at. Wind forecast, lunar times, barometric changes and a few other information are available at the user’s disposal through this handy application

JotNot Scanner Pro

Sometimes people just wish that scanners are portable and with the iPhone having such a good camera, the device can couple as a scanner which would eliminate the woe that people are facing. JotNot Scanner Pro is an application that would allow users to scan documents and save them under PDF or any other files all at a price of only $0.99.