Hotdog Wars – be the next champion in Hotdog Wars Challenge

On May 25, 2011

Matching to the  legend, the first Hotdog Wars challenge was kept  in July of 1916 between four people, the champion declared to be the most patriotic.




Today ,more than 90 years¬† later the tradition continues, with over 20 players of different country origins, they ride on the ‚Äúbus of champions‚Äù. Competing for the wished¬† international “bejeweled” mustard-yellow belt, a belt rumored to be of ‚Äúunknown age and value‚Äù.

Do you believe you have the strength to be the next one which will  hold the belt? If yes , what are you waiting for?!Compete against 20 characters in 20 levels and go up to the top of the food eating pyramid and be the next Hotdog Wars Champion!


Hotdog Wars features :

Рit has 20 cartoon characters to laugh in the same time when you  compete in eating hotdogs
– 20 crazy levels that will crack you up
– Leaderboard to compare scores with friends
– Facebook & Twitter integration
РEasy  controls, you only have to tap left-right-left