How Can A Malware Affects The Credibility Of Apple App Store?

On August 22, 2013

Apple application store is the target of criticism concerning the security measures used to verify new applications.

A team of American programmers created a potentially malicious application that passed Apple verification and has become available on the App Store.

The experiment took place in March and programmers from Georgia Tech University, used the application a few minutes to check on their own mobiles its efficacy, then withdrew it from the App Store. The secret introducing of the malware to Apple application store seems to be sending malicious code after the installation.

Malware in App Store

Immediately after installation, the malware application contacted a server and asked for instructions, with which it managed to obtain access to any personal information of our iPhones. In addition, the malware application developed by a team led by Tiel Wang also obtained the right to send SMS and emails.

Programmers have drawn attention to the fact that how Apple explores new applications is not sufficient to detect any potentially malicious application. The company claims that the App Store is still safe for applications. The app creators say that the Apple run the application for a few seconds before approving, enough time to discover the danger.