How Could iPad 5 Look – The New Apple Tablet

On April 23, 2013

iPad 5 seems to reveal new secrets after the first image in which the behind case of the tablet can be seen confirmed a number of rumors, the iPad 5 was described as considerably lighter and thinner than iPad 4 model.

The picture revealed by the same source that provided the first picture of the design of the new model left to see the outline of a tablet that looks like a variant of the oversized model of iPad Mini, confirming rumors which promised an iPad 5 tablet with asymmetrical frame, narrow on the screen.

Helped by a large screen, but less power-hungry, the new iPad 5 tablet could handle a slightly smaller battery, reducing the final weight and thickness of the casing. Additionally, the screen contributes to a narrowing design so appreciated on iPad Mini.

Unfortunately apart from color, layout side buttons and camera positioning we cannot get too many useful details about the provided image. Rumors speak of using a 9.7 inch screen with a resolution value stored at 2048 x 1536 pixels, 8 MP camera, namely the presence of a quad-core chipset supported by 2 GB RAM.

Similar to the iPad 4th Gen, iPad 5 may be released in versions with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB memory.