How Great Has The iPhone Camera Evolved Over The Years?

On May 12, 2013

Every year we hear that new smartphones are infinitely better than the old models, so let’s see how much the iPhone’s camera has changed.

More than any smartphone’s camera, the iPhone camera has benefited from some of the most pompous advertising campaigns in recent years. Perceived by many to be the most efficient camera in a phone, the performance of this component from Apple placed this smartphone in the first 3 places in the cameras top behind most photos posted on Flickr. Given that the fourth and fifth places are Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 7D, the competition is quite serious for the Cupertiono designed phone.

Just because we go through a period when competition grows up when it comes to camera performance of new smartphones, this is the perfect time to enlighten us regarding the evolution of the iPhone camera, from the first phone in the series and up to the last. The effort behind the comparative image below was made by a passionate user named camerack and posted on a Reddit board.

Although the sensor size has increased significantly in recent years and with it the number of megapixels, the most obvious thing in this collage is its focus, when Apple introduced the manual focus by the tap-to-focus function to the iPhone 3GS, it was a big hit for iPhone and began to be seen more as a camera compared to other terminals.