How the iPhone 4S is a lot better than the iPhone 4

On October 16, 2011

The iPhone 4S is technically a drastic improvement from its predecessor which is the iPhone 4. Aesthetically however, the two phone cannot be distinguished from one another as they are of the same dimension and look.

Inside the iPhone 4S lies a beast that is not present in the iPhone 4: the 1GHz dual-core A5 processor which isn’t the fastest at the time but nonetheless sufficient for the iPhone 4S to beat a lot of its competitors in the market. It still has the same 512MB RAM which would only mean that the operating system is a lot stable as compared with its competitors which can be considered resource hogging to some.

8 megapixel cameras are abundant today but somehow it is only now that Apple adds in the feature to their devices, specifically speaking the iPhone 4S. To some, it is a stellar camera which works superbly for a point-and-shoot camera replacement. The sensor is one not to mess as it is capable of capturing a wide aperture of f2.4.

Siri on the other hand is unique only to this device. It is a great personal assistant to some especially with its accurate speech recognition features.