How to Add Sources in Cydia

On April 27, 2013

For those who are still in the beginning, there are many unknowns here, especially about the cracked applications. In the next tutorial I will teach you how to add sources in Cydia, thing that without it you cannot unlock the phone.

Step 1

Connect to a wireless or make sure that internet is working on your phone. If you don’t have a wireless near you and need to unlock, use this tutorial and will show you how to install ultrasn0w without internet.

Open the application and let it connect, then the app will close and need to be opened again.

Once you open the app, a message will appear about how you like the information to appear Cydia, choose the hacker mode.

You will be asked to do some updates, click complete upgrade and wait, after it is finished press the Close Cydia (Restart) button, and the application will be closed and will be reopened. The restart will be required only once or if you install new updates.

Step 2

Once the application has been reopened, you must click on the Manage button from the bottom.

Step 3

Click on sources that will take you to a new menu.

Step 4

In this menu you can see all the sources from which you can download applications. To add a source, click on the Edit button located in the upper right side, then click the Add button on the same bar but from the left.

Step 5

Here you will be asked to enter the URL of the server from which you want to download applications. Put url in the box and press Add Source. Caution! For some sources, such as the guys from appulous you will see a warning message that will tell you that the source is illegal. If you still want to add press the Add button anyway.

After you have finished adding everything click the top left Done button to finish.