How To Add Switches With FlipSwitch After Jailbreak

On June 20, 2013

Apple’s mobile scene that have jailbreak done is a constantly changing landscape. What’s new, noteworthy and popular one day may fall into obscurity the next day, leaving room for a new package to get into the spotlight and gain praise.

In recent years we have seen a number of powerful and innovative solutions that enable iOS users with jailbreak to quick and efficient access popular system settings without having to look in the settings menu structures. Most offers come in the form of a sort of modal overlay, or accessed by other methods, but now we have a new centralized switch called FlipSwitch that came out on stage.

FlipSwitch gained some jailbreak popularity on social sites like Twitter in the last few weeks. In part, this is because it was developed by one of the developers, Ryan Petrich, along with Jack Willis and Sentry from A3 Tweaks – creators of Auxo package for the iPhone and iPad. Leaving aside credibility creators for a few minutes, this application stands a very good idea for a framework that could eventually set the standards for how developers implement functionality of this nature in future releases.

Rather than being a tweak that can be downloaded and used immediately, FlipSwitch is an easy and powerful framework that provides developers the ability to implement systems switch with minimal effort. Some users love the new ways that developers have managed to get hold of this switch in packages that have been created, but it will certainly be a large number of users that prefers this framework to be used from now on for the sake of create a routine when following tweaks will be launched.

Petrich took this opportunity to launch the SwitchIcons package with the FlipSwitch framework. SwitchIcons is not the most exciting work I’ve seen, but it is a good example of how’s the new framework, and users who want a full homescreen switch would class it as a mandatory installation.

SwitchIcons and FlipSwitch are available for free from the BigBoss repository.