How to block specific phone numbers on your iPhone?

On April 15, 2013

Getting unwanted calls you is a normal thing these days for every person. There is also an app for iPhone called iBlacklist that if you download it, you simply get rid of stressful calls.

Step 1

Make sure your phone is connected to one of the two networks: Wi-Fi or 3G. Otherwise you cannot follow the steps to download iBlacklist.

Step 2

Search Cydia app on iPhone. Its icon is typically located near the first page of your apps. Wait a few moments until Cydia fully charges. Then find the page and select the “Sections”. Once selected, it will open a new page.

Step 3

On the navigation list on the new page, go to the bottom until you find “Utilities” . On the next page, look for the letter “i” – here you can find the iBlacklist package.

Step 4

Select “iBlacklist” and install the application. Once installed, tap on the “iBlacklist” icon from your phone.

Step 5

When you open the application, select the “blacklist”. Now just enter the number/numbers you want to block and press “Enter”. From now on, you will not receive calls from numbers you have blocked.

I know that most phones have some of these features added by default in the operating system but by blocking them by Apple this application was resulted which allows you to do much more than on a normal phone. Is the perfect application to control absolutely all calling or SMS/MMS aspects.