How to Build a Simple RSS Reader iPhone App

On January 21, 2009

iphone-xcode-tutorial-31.png Last year, Jason Terhorst of The Apple Blog put together a cute tutorial demonstrating how to build a simple RSS reader for the iPhone. At the time it violated the NDA, but it went up anyway. If you haven’t seen it, however, it’s well worth checking out, as it’s a great way to get into developing your first “useful” application if you haven’t worked on one already.

Jason works through from starting up XCode and creating a new project through to building the project, adding code, and parsing the XML of an RSS feed. The full project can also be downloaded (16KB archive) so you can play with it right away.

Beware that the code examples in the tutorial automatically have 🙁 and similar combinations converted into smileys! This isn’t a problem with the downloadable source, however – just be aware of it when working through the tutorial.

0 responses to “How to Build a Simple RSS Reader iPhone App”

  1. Jeff Lilly says:

    While I do appreciate the effort he put forth to develop the tutorial, the code is horrible, with memory leaks everywhere. In other words, caveat emptor.

  2. Fabio says:

    Wow!!! Really interesting … I will check this right now !!


  3. Peter Cooper says:

    @Jeff: I think memory leaks are a tough topic and a lot of example code out there is a bit scrappy. I’m just thinking out loud here.. but perhaps there’s room for someone to really give a crash course in memory management, a cheat sheet, or.. some sort of thing like that? What do we need?

  4. Interesting stuff, but when I ran the code a lot of warnings popped up with depreciated code and the like, wonder why there are not more friendly tuts out there for people who want to learn xcode, to me it is a niche that many people would be interested in paying for, but then again, thats apple.

  5. VirGin says:

    While I agree with the comments, I wonder why someone who types ‘tut’ instead of ‘tutorial’ feels that they have the right to complain about *anything* someone else puts on the web.

  6. Nicholas says:

    Yes, It’s so hard trying to find a decent way to learn iphone application building. I’m thinking about just purchasing one of those iPhone Application Building books. Like the series. Although, not sure how good the book will be. Any suggestions?