How To Install An iOS Theme On An iPhone/iPod Touch Or iPad.

On June 21, 2013

This is done using an app from Cydia called Winterboard. Also in Cydia you can find free or paid complex themes.

Step 1.

Enter in Cydia, use the search function, search and install Winterboard.

Step 2.

In today’s example we install one of the most popular themes on its name inPulse. Still in Cydia, use the search function again and install inPulse theme. For iPhone 4 and 4S retina and non retina for the rest (of course that each of you can install the desired theme).

Step 3.

After Winterboard is installed, it will appear in homescreen. We enter the app and press Select Themes.

Step 4.

In the next menu, you should have all the installed themes. In this case inPulse theme comes into categories. Select all components of the theme if we want to change everything or just the parts you want changed. If we also have other themes we use combinations of different themes and on the right we can select the priority of the theme.

Step 5.

After you have selected your changes, press Winterboard and we go back to the first menu where we press respring.

Step 6.

After respring is done we should enter the menu and notice the differences. In my case I have used Springtomize 2 and is an amazing application which comes with a multitude of things that can be changed.