How To Save Unlock Files After Decoding Your iPhone With SAM

On July 17, 2013

This tutorial is addressed to all those who have unlocked their iPhone with the SAM program and is only for them. The purpose of this tutorial is to hold on to this decoding whatever updates Apple will bring.

Also this tutorial only applies to the SIM card you have into the phone. If you want another SIM card for keeping future functionality on your iPhone then you have to insert it into the phone, reverse decoding procedure with SAM and then redo this tutorial for it. Just resume if you put another card. Each will have different files.

Okay before I get to the actual tutorial will tell you that in the event that this tutorial will not work and will not save files then you need to go into Cydia and install AFC2Add. Usually it is installed when the jailbreak is done, but in case it’s not there you should know what to do.


  • Download redsn0w 0.9.10 beta 8 from here if you do not have it, open the program and connect your phone to PC.
  • Go to redsn0w to Extras/Even More/Backup and click Backup, a window will open as shown below.
  • Click OK and the program will save the files in an archive on your PC. If you get the message below should go in Cydia and install AFC2Add as I said.
  • If everything is running properly then you should get the following window and a file called Lockdown with its saving time will be present.
  • You’re done and now the SIM card from your phone will always work with your iPhone.