How to solve the Home and Power buttons when not working on iPhone and iPad

On April 19, 2013

Two of the most popular iPhone and iPad hardware problems are related to the Home and Power buttons. Either they do not work at all or they read only some presses, or become hard to press, the issue is disturbing and needs to be solved somehow. If your iOS device does no longer is under warranty and you cannot call a service to change the broken button, then a solution would be to use the AssistiveTouch function. This is one of accessibility features that iOS has to offer and is useful both for people with vision problems and for cases where the physical buttons do not work. AssistiveTouch function provides a Home and a Power button, which can substitute on the hardware. Even if this is not the ideal solution in some cases is the best.

  • Open setup application from the home screen of your iOS device;
  • Click the General;
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Accessibility button;
  • Scroll back up to the bottom of the screen and press the button AssistiveTouch located in physical section;
  • Turn the button from the right of AssistiveTouch ON/I.

Once you switch this button, you will notice an item on the screen that will always remain in a certain position. By clicking on it you will see a menu with more options. This option replaces the main physical Home button functionality. To Access the Power button, press the Device button from menu that appears on the screen, and then press the Lock screen icon so that your device does stop.