How to Solve the Problem of the iPhone That Suddenly Closes

On April 29, 2013

Ever since iOS 5 there is a very annoying problem affecting iPhone owners, mainly, but also other devices owners. Completely random you can wake up that your iPhone closes suddenly and certainly there is no logical explanation for this kind of “behavior” of your iPhone. Not the first time I talk about this issue but I have noticed that lately more and more users are experiencing it and I think it’s useful to bring back the issue to your attention.

The problem occurs both in those who made a jailbreak and didn’t jailbreak their phones so you can be affected no matter how you use your iPhone. Basically leaving the terminal on the table you will notice that it has closed one although you haven’t done anything and when you connect it to the computer you notice that it is recognized by iTunes. Well basically the device is in DFU Mode for one reason or another, and yet there is no logical explanation for this automatic insertion of our devices in DFU Mode.

If you do not have jailbreak the solution is very simple: press Home + Lock buttons simultaneously and hold them down until Apple appears on the screen. If you have jailbreak then connect the terminal to the computer and turn it tethered with iBooty or redsn0w and everything will return to normal. I hope this will help in the future because many people have encountered this problem.