How video conferencing is helping non-profits manage mass outreach

On June 10, 2014

videoNon-profits are all about getting as many people on board as possible for various projects and fundraising events. Video conferencing has been integral to helping non-profits reach out to the masses. This is through the ability to speak with people anywhere in the world all at once at any given time. There are a few ways video conferencing can help you to accomplish these goals. Here are just a few of the ways using video calling is changing the way non-profits are working.

Holding a Web Conference

Speaking to a large crowd normally requires everyone to be in the same place at the same time. This could mean booking a big conference room or meeting hall. If you don’t know if you can get enough people to fill the hall or you just don’t have the money to put the investment into it, you might want to look into using video conferencing, from a company like Blue Jeans, to have a web conference. This allows you to have a meeting with as many people as you want to through a web browser connection, according to Social Brite. You won’t have to worry about all the upfront costs of booking a major hall or any of the other visual aids that go along with it. Instead, you can concentrate on providing a great conference for all those who may be able to help with your cause. You can generate digital content to go along with your web conference so you can illustrate your point. Thanks to the technology provided everyone on the web conference will see your information as crisp and clear as you see it. This is just one more major advantage you receive when you use video conferencing.

Collaborating with Your Team

Video conferencing also helps non-profits to work together with teams in the field. You get to talk with people who are in different states or countries to collaborate on what you’re doing and what needs to be done, according to IdealWare. Thanks to companies like Blue Jeans, you can speak with your team through multiple devices. It doesn’t matter whether they can only access the Internet through their smartphone, as long as there is a forward facing camera, they have the technology to be a part of the video conference and put in their two cents. Make sure you set a time to speak with everyone on your team and you have a topic for those in the field and you’ll have everything you need to have a good video conference with your team. Not only can you provide information to your team all at once, but you can get any information about what is working and what needs to be fixed for those working in the field. It is the fastest and easiest way to make changes to your outreach program without having to bring everyone back in to have a meeting. They can keep working and spreading the word about your non-profit program.

Bring in More Influential Board Members

The untethering effect video conferencing has for non-profits means your board members can be anywhere in the world and still participate in meetings, according to PGi. This is particularly important to a mass outreach program because influencers in different states and countries can join your team and become a part of the solution for increasing the reach of your program. You can start bringing in attention from all those associated with the influencers by making them a part of your team. All you need to have a conference with every member of your board is to get everyone on the same video conferencing call. This will allow you to discuss your mass outreach program and how you can reach even more people in a shorter period of time. Thanks to your board members being in different areas, this can be accomplished faster and with better results.

People of All Ages Can Use It

There’s no limit to who you can reach through video conferencing. This is because, according to Entrepreneur, there are video conferencing tools so easy to use that even children can use them. As a result, your mass outreach program can reach people of all ages. This is particularly important if you have a non-profit helping a younger demographic. Getting the help of the younger demographic is the best way to make sure you’re going to actually reach the people you need to reach. You can have a video conference with your younger audience to get them on board with what they need to accomplish and give directives they can follow. These video conferences are a lot more fun for a younger audience because they tie in with the kind of technology they’re already using on a daily basis anyways. As soon as you start using video conferencing for your non-profits mass outreach program, you’ll start noticing differences right away.