How-to Update iPhone firmware

On November 4, 2009

If you want to know What is iPhone Software | Firmware | OS, you can read it by clicking here.

Before continue reading this tutorial, I recommend you to read and use the shift restore method: How to Update iPhone Software using Shift and Restore

This tutorial will guide you how to update your iPhone software to the latest version.

1. Open iTunes.
2. Connect iPhone to computer using its USB cable.
Appple iPhone USB Cable

3. iTunes will detect a newer version of your iPhone software.
A newer version of the iPhone software is available

There are three options:

  • Cancel: This option will cancel the iPhone software update
  • Download and Install: This option will download and install the iPhone software update automatically.
  • Download Only: This option will only download the iPhone software update without install it to iPhone. But, you can install the downloaded iPhone software update later.

4. Click Download and Install. Then, iTunes will you important information about the new features, bug fixes, and improvements in the software update. Click Next to move forward.
Important Information regarding iPhone Software Update

5. iTunes will then show the end-user license agreement to use the new version of the iPhone software. You should read through the terms of the agreement, and then click Agree. You have to agree to the terms in order to download the software.
iPhone Software Update License Agreement

6. Once you’ve accepted the license agreement, the newer iPhone software will be downloaded.
Downloading new iPhone software
If you want to download the iPhone software (.ipsw file) using download accelerator, you can download the iPhone Firmware | OS | Software via direct link and read this tutorial: How to Update iPhone software using Shift and Restore

7. Once the software has been downloaded, you’ll see a message that says “Preparing iPhone for software update” and you may see drivers automatically installing. Accept all necessary prompts.

8. The new iPhone software will then begin to install on your phone. iTunes will display a progress bar that says “Updating iPhone software“. Do not disconnect your phone during this process. After the software has been installed, you’ll see a message that says “Verifying updated software“. Do not close iTunes or disconnect your phone while it’s running.

9. Once the update process is complete, iTunes will tell you that your iPhone is running the current version of the iPhone software. You’ll see this information on the iPhone Summary screen.

Now, you have updated your iPhone software to the latest version.