HTC Fireball Specs and Rumors

On December 27, 2011

HTC Fireball RumorsHTC Fireball is the latest and the most mysterious smartphone that comes with no information about it. The only information we can get from this smartphone is that HTC Fireball will get a collaboration with Verizon. Since the name of HTC Fireball is just popping up in the system, it brings only very limited exact information such as the network that the device will support and with whom HTC will have collaboration in this project. HTC Fireball is expected to support 4G that will make it a hottest 4G device this year.

This information regarding its limited specific detail of HTC Fireball is a wild prediction from gadget not based on an official source. HTC Fireball is predicted to have an Android 2.3 for its OS with HTC Sense. On the display screen, HTC Fireball will have a 4.30 inches HD display with still unclear technology supports the display screen. The processor that run this device will be a dual-core Qualcomm S3 processor. This prediction regarding those limited data of HTC Fireball is predicted after the analysis of the previous latest smartphone version of HTC. This HTC smartphone might be the most mysterious gadget ever that come from HTC. Since 16th December 2011, HTC does not have any further information besides 4G LTE network that suport the device.

HTC Fireball is predicted as the hottest smartphone with 4G network connection support inside. Since the 4G is the latest network support that start to be used to make a better and faster internet connection, the news regarding the use of this 4G network connection on the latest HTC Fireball become a hot news even before it comes with a leaked information regarding its specs and feature. The price of HTC Fireball will come after it is officially announced or after any exact information is published.