HTC Quattro Specs and Rumors

On December 23, 2011

HTC Quattro

HTC Quattro is another product from vendor HTC that is still stand behind the rumored infromation. The same with HTC Zeta, this product is not officially anounced yet. Though it has similar thing both Quattro and Zeta, HTC Quattro is not a smartphone the same with Zeta. HTC Quattro is an Android tablet that shaped candybar. HTC Quattro can be categorized as the 10” tablet, though it measures more than 10”. it seems that this smartphone will be a good product that has its own position as a tablet because tablet alsi has its own fans.

HTC Quattro is still a rumored tablet that is not officially announced by HTC, so some information about it is still missing. Like the exact dimension and weight of HTC Quattro, the information is still in secret except that it will have a 10” wide approximately. It is because HTC Quattro is categorized as 10” inches tablet that will be supported with 1280×768 pixels resolution without any information what technology will support the display screen. Under the hood, we will have Tegra 3 as the system chip and Quad core processor and integrated with graphic processor. Those hardware specifications are a brand new hardware specifications that will give a brand new performance that absolutely a better performance. 1GB RAM for its system memory will also give HTC Quattro a faster performance. It will equipped by dual camera with 2 MP for the rear facing camera and 1.3 MP for the front facing camera.

Those are what HTC Quattro will have a satisfying moment to the customer with a better performance. A set of excellent design and hardware specification will be a fresh stuff for the tablet fans. HTC Quattro is predicted to be officially announced on the mid-February 2012. The further information about HTC Quattro price and some detail hardware specification is still keep in secret by HTC.