HUGECITY events aggregator now available to iPad and iPhone users

On May 14, 2013

Searching for hotspots in your town? Wondering where your friends will be hanging out over the weekend? Well, with HUGECITY iOS app, searching for public events within your locality is now a breeze. How does it work? HUGECITY searches for and puts together all information available on Facebook’s public event data.

For those of you that need to keep some events private or secret, no need to worry as the app only accesses public events and indexes them into a map form for its users. Whether you just want a clue of the most popular weekend joints amongst your friends or want to find karaoke spots, HUGECITY is at your service.

“It is 2013. You should know what is happening around you. HUGECITY is now being used to tap into the pulse of cities in every time zone in the world. This is just the beginning, and there is so much more coming,” said Hugh Malkin, CEO and Co-Founder of HUGECITY.

In addition to making the app available to iPad and iPhone users, HUGECITY boasts a new, fresh and easy to navigate website.