Hulu on iPad

On April 22, 2010

I have many days wished I could figure out a way to get rid of my cable company and find a better (cheaper) way to watch television.  Hulu, an online video streaming service (2nd in popularity only to YouTube), offers the ability to pull up video from the US’s 5 major networks online, but unless you’ve hacked your Apple TV, there is really no way to easily get it on your TV (baring you connecting your computer every time you want to bring up a show).

Well now it seems that HULU will be making their debut on the iPad.  The LA Times has announced that Hulu plans to launch their iPad app next month!  The plan is to offer the most current episodes for free, but charge $9.95 / month for gaining access to the complete back catalogue of TV shows.

The service is rumored to start its testing around May 24 for the Apple iPad and Android phones.  Maybe they can bring the service to Apple TV too, and then I won’t have to connect the video out to my iPad each time i want to watch something on the "Bigger" screen. 🙂