Hurry Up And Wait? Sure, But Maybe Not Quite As Long As We Thought UPDATED:NOPE

On June 11, 2008





One of the disapointments emerging from Monday’s WWDC Keynote was the fact that the 3G iPhone won’t be released until July 11th and the App Store would be "coming soon". Many of us assumed that meant "about the time of the 3G iPhone". In other words  in mid-July.

You can say "Patience" in the language of any of the 70 different countries that will be getting the 3G iPhone and it still means a full month of waiting.

All may not be lost, however. According to a post over at TUAW the wait might be a whole bit shorter.


According to TUAW-

The image to the (left) was just snapped off of Apple’s Australian iPod Touch page. It clearly stated that the App Store, and presumably the 2.0 firmware for both the iPhone and the iPod Touch, will be available on June 27th. That contradicts the ‘early July’ timeline mentioned in the keynote.

That’s just two weeks from now.

Now wouldn’t that be a nice way to kcik off the summer!