HzO WaterBlock technology might be available on the next iPhone

On February 4, 2012

There are definitely a lot of rumors surrounding the next iPhone. Some people reported that the device will have NFC support while others spoke of a release sometime in June instead of October like last year. Another rumor that is hot in the web is one about HzO WaterBlock which applies a nano-coat which would allow devices to be waterproof without the need of a case.

In a year, there are thousands of cases of water damaged devices and these devices are not secured by any warranty whatsoever. As a result, victims of water damaged devices had to resort into buying a new phone as their old one will never be the same. However, when Liquipel and HzO had released a nano-coating service which would protect all the electrical component from being damaged due to water exposure for as low as $59, it made a lot of people interested.

In fact, HzO also mentioned that the company has been in talks with Apple about applying their technology to future iPhone devices. However, a lot of people are sceptical about this because it is expected to be a while before such technologies would be put into action. Knowing Apple, it may take as much as another generation or two before they would actually put it into practical use.