I Want My… Pandora!!

On September 15, 2008

Here at WhatsOniPhone we LOVE Pandora.

One of the few apps to have a 4 1/2 star rating from a massive 3100 comments over on iTunes, Pandora works over Edge, brings amazing music to your iPhone or Touch, the words used to describe it include- “Wow”, “Amazing“, ”Flawless”, “One of the top reasons to get an iPhone”, “jaw dropped” and the list goes on and on and on.

In the two months I have been using Pandora I have listened to hours and hours of music, been introduced to dozens of new artists and have become an increasingly huge fan of the whole “Pandora Experience”.

WE LOVE Pandora!

So the news that Pandora may well have to close down operations makes us more than a bit sad. Sure there are some nice alternatives like LastFM, AOL Radio and the new iTunes Genius playlists but none of them are PANDORA!!!
The interesting thing is that almost everyone we have spoken to about this has the same response- “If the issue is royalty fees why don’t they just charge a few dollars a month for the service? I’d pay it…”

But how to communicate that groundswell of support to Pandora??? hmmmm.

So our new poll asks this-

"Would you be willing to pay a few $ a month to keep Pandora alive?“

In three week’s we’ll forward the results to Pandora. Hopefully it will give them a bit of incentive to think about a new model that allows us all to win.