iB969 Review

On November 28, 2010

Ever feel like you have too many devices that need charging and too few plugs in one place to get everything charged up at the same time?  I mean its not like I mind putting my iPhone on one wall plug, and my wife’s on the other.  Then walking across the room to plug my iPad in the wall charger next to my Verizon palm (yes, the AT&T signal is that bad in my area).  Or how about those iTouches, or any number of other devices that have taken their place in our daily lives.

Enter the iB969, a charging station that can charge up to 4 devices at the same time.  iHome has not only included 2 docking ports for iPhones, they also included cables for charging BlackBerry phones, e-Readers, iPads, iPods, and even my Palm device.  The fact that all of my devices can sit in one place and get charged at the same time make this one of the easiest ways to avoid the inevitable "where did I put that device" feeling you get rushing out in the morning.

With a retail price for the iB969 of $50, we think its a reasonable price to ask for a multi-purpose dock.

We tested station with an iPhone, a Palm, and an iPad. All 3 devices charged successfully while we synced the iPhone.

The iB969 has 2 Apple device docks, one provides a quick charge, and the other for full charge.

 Underneath the dock, there are switches that can change the ports between quick charge and full charge. In addition, there are 2 USB ports and some very nice cable management hardware which will let you wrap your cables before snaking it out the back.  This keeps things very neat and makes the station look like it was custom made for the devices you decide to use it on. The other nice feature we liked was that the front half of the station can be extended to provide a larger area for larger devices like your e-Reader.

For anyone with multiple devices who want a neat flexible solution for keeping all devices in one area, the iB969 can’t be beat.