iBetterCharge reminds you to charge your iDevices

On March 10, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 10.21.01 AM

I don’t know about you guys but personally I suck at remembering to charge my iDevices. Luckily my iPhone gets docked into my alarm clock every evening, otherwise it would probably constantly be screaming for a charger.

Now there is a solution for frantically having to hunt down your iDevice to check the battery status. Thanks to the guys at Softorino and their awesome utility  iBetterCharge you will always known when your device is running low on batteries. Tucked away in your menu bar you will never need to think about it again. This tool will display your battery warnings from your iPhone and iPad directly on your Mac screen.

iBetterCharge is available for free. Once installed, it will stay in menu bar and automatically will find any iOS devices over WiFi. All you need to do is enable WiFi sync on your iDevice. What’s great is the fact that you can keep tabs on several devices at the same time. You can set the notifications for when the app should warn you about your battery levels.

You can download the utility directly from their website, if you are a Windows user don’t worry there is a version for you guys too.