iCloud and its usefulness in iOS 5

On November 30, 2011

iCloud is a online backup and data transfer that Apple has developed in order to offer idevice’s owners the opportunity to use their terminals without it to be connected to a computer. Using iCloud can save almost everything in our iPhoners on the Apple servers, we can save photos in a system called Photostream, we can install applications, previously purchased music or movies from iTunes and many others. Apple designed iCloud in a very clever way and I use it for almost a half year but not completely.

I use iCloud only if I need to download an application previously purchased and only if they do a restore and need to restore a backup. I don’t use thetr Photoseam function because my Apple ID is synchronized only on an iPhone and it’s easier to copy pictures from my device to the computer rather than expect for Photostream to do the update. I for one rarely use the email service and I am not too interested in whether or not the notes in the calendar are sync with Apple servers. Per fully I consider iCloud very useful but not entirely, and of course there are things that can be improved on it.

Some use iCloud to its real “power”, others have not even made an account on the new system from Apple and now I ask you, reader: How do you use the new iCloud?