IFTTT app out for iPhone, bringing native photo, reminder, and contacts recipes

On July 15, 2013

iPhone users can now automatically hook up all their favorite web services with the do-anything glue – IFTTT. The new IFTTT (If This Then That) app comes with three exciting, brand-new iOS-exclusive channels that tie your contacts, photos, and reminders.

With the IFTTT service, iPhone users can create recipes that automatically shuffle around data on the internet. Your Instagrams can be posted in Flickr or saved to Dropbox. A text labeled Gmail message can be appended to a text file. You can even use an SMS to control your house lights.

As the app opens you see a timeline of the recipes that have run successfully, so you have an overview of everything that has been automated and the time of activity. This is great, but the coolest thing about the app is that you can create your own apps and interact with the new iPhone channels: contacts, photos, reminders.

For now, though, the channels work only as triggers. So you can use a completed reminder as an action trigger but creating a new reminder is not possible.

The app is available for free on the App Store.