iGotchi – Yeah, We “Adopted” One…

On July 14, 2008

One of the striking things about the new iPhone firmware and the App Store is that they expand the appeal of the iPhone and iPod Touch in every direction. The 2.0 Firmware brings the iPhone to enterprise and numerous applications greatly increase its business appeal. At the same time, many new games increase the appeal of the devices for kids. Case in point-

Yes, the virtual-pet has come to the iPhone and… we’ve got one! (or does it have us?)

So dear friends meet WhatsOniPhone or… WOiP for short. 


















Isn’t he just the most adorable thing. So furry and electronic…

What follows are some of the set-up screen shots.






Setup was quick and easy. The most "difficult" part was picking the right name since, as the middle screen explains, there are no name changes is iGotchi-ville. (Although we should note that there was some initial instability on our iPhone after installing the program)









Like any good iGotchi, WOiP has basic but important needs. Food, water and attention…




We’ll tell you about the experience in a couple of days but right now my golden retriever is barking non-stop. She wants to go for a walk and, quite frankly, she’s the boss.