iHome i90 Reviewed

On May 26, 2010

Recently, we had a chance to take a close look at the newest updated iHome offering for iPhone/iTouch, the iP90.  This Alarm Clock Radio comes with a number of new upgrades from the iP9 series.

The cosmetic changes are numerous, including a brand new casing, rounded edges, and accented silver border.  The back of the unit has the same buttons including ports, a DST switch, and a new clock adjustment button which quickly grabs the current time and date from your iPhone or iTouch,  The iP90 also has a battery backup in case the power goes out to ensure that the alarm still wakes you when its time.

The iP90 uses the Reson8 stereo speakers, and the treble and bass are adjustable.  The sound that comes out of this unit is truly remarkable, even at higher volumes, we weren’t hearing static or any loss of sound quality.  The bass was full and both the mid and high tones are clean and fill a room very easily.  You can definitely opt to use the iP90 as a stand alone music player for your iPhone in addition to its use as an alarm clock.

The alarm can be set for two different times and can be set to play sound from different sources, iPhone/Touch or AM/FM Radio.  In addition, the dock will charge your iPhone while its playing music.  The radio also allows for 12 presets combined (6 AM / 6 FM), and the in-line jack on the back of the unit allows you to listen to other audio sources such as a CD player or your computer.

The alarm clock display lighting can be dimmed (8 dimming levels) and is easily visible during the day.  It includes the time, day, and date.  In addition, all of the buttons on the unit are backlit so they are easily seen at night, and the large Snooze/Dimmer button is easily accessible at those early mornings when your fumbling around trying to get that extra 5 minutes.

As for the remote, its buttons control volume, EQ, alarm functions, radio, and iPod player controls.

All around, for $99 suggested retail (you can find this a little cheaper if you shop around) this is probably the best iPhone Alarm/Clock radio on the market today.

If your looking for something with quality sound, remote, alarm functions, and a relatively small footprint, the iP90 is your device.