iLEX RAT Helps You To Make A SemiRestore On Any Device Keeping The Jailbreak

On June 30, 2013

Those from IDB have found an application that is available in Cydia for a while, with almost the same functionality as SemiRestore. As you will see in the proof below, Ilex RAT, the application of which we speak, allows us to do a semirestore on our own devices, removing almost everything we have installed on it. I say almost everything because we can thus keep intact our jailbreak, Cydia application can then be used without any problem. So we can keep the same version of the same jailbreak initially made.

iLEX RAT works very simply. You only need to install it from the Cydia repo site and MobileTerminal application, then to make a few orders that we detail in the following.

So, after you have installed the two above packages from Cydia, you have to open the Home Screen of the MobileTerminal application.

Before you start using the iLEX RAT semirestore, it is imperative to make a backup of your device for using this solution. That said, you can begin entering commands in MobileTerminal application.

  • Write the first command “rat” and see immediately the RAT iLEX interface, with 12 options available;
  • You will choose the option with number 12, so you write the command “12” then press ENTER;
  • Then confirm by entering the “y”, followed by the ENTER key;
  • Semirestore process will begin soon, so you will not only have to wait a few minutes for it to complete. In the end, you will need to restart your iDevice by following the instructions on the screen;
  • After restart, you will be greeted by traditional desktop configuration.
  • Now you will to notice that the only things that are still in your device is Cydia application and Ilex RAT source.

So if you have problems with your devices, you have installed many tweaks, themes, and so it works very hard, but do not want to do a restore using iTunes, you now need to install the latest version of iOS which cannot be jailbroken using Evasi0n then the Ilex RAT solution is exactly what you need.