iMessage is just the beginning of a social network from Apple

On July 21, 2011

One of the most important and interesting features introduced by Apple at WWDC last presentation was certainly the iMessage service, a service that allows you to change text messages between users using iOS 5 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This new service introduced is not limited to compete with BlackBerry Message RIM, but can be the beginning of a much larger project.

iMessage is not just a service to send text messages, photos, videos but could become a tool that Apple could use to launch a social network in its own network.

For now the company from California offers various options to communicate on the iOS platform, FaceTime, iChat and last that came is iMessage. Current services that are not connected together but likely in the future will be.

Figuring the possibility to connect the iChat account with iMessage, we will be able to communicate not only from the mobile device but also with the computer and the user could follow the conversation on iPhone, Mac and MacBook Air.

Apple instead to direct the user to an instant messaging service such as AOL Messenger Instant seems that it wants to make a proper service that will allow users to abandon AIM or RIM and to be oriented at a better and more complete service.