India to have iPhone 4S by end of November

On November 15, 2011

It is sad that the country which has the second largest mobile market is left out behind during the initial and the further launch of the iPhone 4S. The country being talked about is India but not to worry because the iPhone 4S will soon be made available on November 25.

The companies that will sell the company in the Indian market are no other than Bharti Airtel and Aircel which are some of the most prominent telecommunication carriers in the region. Both of the companies plan to release the device on the same date which is November 25 but Aircel will have pre-orders ready by 18 November instead.

Unlike other countries, the companies in India charges for the full unlocked price of the iPhone 4S which is between $700 and $800. However, these companies will provide rebates or subsidies for the data and call plans over a period of time instead.

India is a very important market for all mobile manufacturing companies. This is because the market in India is estimated to be at a whopping $18 billion for the year 2012. Should Apple be able to cover a significant percentage of the market share in the country, it will result in good profits for the Cupertino company as well.