Infinity Blade cheats: Gold, Weapons, Shields, Helmet, Armor, Magic, XP

On June 21, 2011

You love infinity blade app game on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? Me too.

I will guide you how-to cheat Infinity blade for much money ($1.999.999 gold), the best weapon, shield, helmet, armor, and other things that will make your enemy down quickly with one blast.

Infinity Blade Cheat

There is a guide to change gold value, etc. But, I will show you the easiest way. Jailbroken iPhone, iPod, or iPad is a must.
See our iPhone Jailbreak guides.
If you have done jailbreak your device, you may continue to cheat the infinity blade game for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad)

  • Download iFunBox from
  • Download SwordSave.bin and save it to desktop.
  • Connect the device, run iFunBox click Raw File System menu on the left.
  • Navigate to /private/var/mobile/Applications/ and find Infinity Blade.
  • Double click Documents directory.
  • Right click on the empty field on the right ‚Üí click Copy from PC or simply click Copy from PC button on the top menu bar.
  • If you want to backup your original saved game, rename SwordSave.bin inside the Documents directory to SwordSave.bin.backup or any name you want.
  • Now you can close iFunBox, quit Infinity Blade app from multitask menu and restart the game.
  • Look what your character have on Infinity Blade now.

Infinity Blade Complete Cheats

Gold: $1.999.999
Equipped by default:
Weapon: The Infinity Blade
Shield: Elith
Helmet: Adamantine
Armor: Adamant Armor
Magic: Ring of Ice and Fire
Over 2000+ maximum XP

Watch this video how-to cheat Infinity blade on iOS:

Source and Credits goes to TheVirtualFear @xSellize Forum