Infinity Blade: Dungeons is never coming

On July 15, 2013

You know Infinity Blade: Dungeons. That game with breath-taking graphics, even better than other Infinity Blade titles. That very game used to demo the GPU in iPad 3. Yeah, that one. It’s no more!

Chair Entertainment LLC has impressed us beyond words with the amazing implementation of Unreal Engine in their Infinity Blade series. And this got us super excited when Dungeons was announced.

Even when their working wing, Impossible games was shut down, we were told that Dungeons will just be delayed. And when the original Infinity Blade turned free, we were certain of a near release. But as it turns out, the game is cold dead.

Donald Mustard, the co founder of Chair made it official. “When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was cancelled. That’s really all I can say“, he said.

Now that things are confirmed, we need to wait and find out what Chair’s future projects are. In the mean time, you can get Infinity Blade II for free from the App Store.