Infographic: State of mobile 2013

On September 24, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.21.56 PM

Today we are happy to bring to you an amazing infographic focusing on mobile adoption, vendors and platforms, mobile usage, business, e-commerce, payments and advertising. The guys at Super Monitoring have really done an outstanding job compiling the data for this beautiful infographic. below are some of the major takeaways, followed by the infographic.

Major Takeaways:

  • By the end of 2013, there will be more mobile devices on Earth than people.
  • The average age for the first cell phone is now 13.
  • 50% of the average global mobile web users now use mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online.
  • The average consumer actively uses 6.5 apps throughout a 30-day period.
  • Global mobile traffic now accounts for 15% of all Internet traffic.
  • 91% of mobile Internet access is for social activities versus just 79% on desktops.
  • One in three mobile searches have local intent versus one in five on desktops.
  • 80% of smartphone owners and 81% of tablet owners use their devices in front of the television.
  • 44% of cell phone users have slept with their cell phone by their side so that they didn’t miss a notification.
  • 80% of consumers plan to conduct mobile commerce in the next 12 months.
  • Not having a mobile optimized website is like closing your store one day each week.
  • 41% of people have used a mobile device to browse for a product after seeing it in a show or advertisement.
  • 80% of mobile device owners use mobile to enhance thir shopping experience.
  • 36% of shoppers search for other store locations on their phones while shopping in store.
  • Tablet users spend 50% more money than PC users.