Injustice Gods Among Us – Tips and Tricks!

On May 2, 2013

Having super heroes and mega-villains problems? Injustice Gods Among Us, the new viral application for iPhone and iPad of NeatherRealm studios can be quite demanding. Just two weeks after release, we have really good tips and tricks for you.

For a week all enthusiastic fans of superheroes and trading cards are playing this game. In this epic battles always fighting three against three, has known superheroes and villains against each other. So the strong Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow may have the easiest victory.

Defense is all

Your defense can be activated simultaneously with two fingers on the screen. You should do this often because the more you are in the lead, the more aggressive the opponents will be. If you block, you lose very little health.

Attack makes you stronger

The more massive and successful you attack, the faster your energy will fill up. You can use it for your super moves.

Heroes will fight

To get all the skills and abilities of heroes, you have to take care of them as often as possible. Get your upgrades, invest in their super moves.

The best team wins

Strategically build your team and elect new members specifically for their strengths and weaknesses.

Elite is invincible

To develop the characters, they need to be placed on elite. In addition you need two identical cards.

Those were our tips and tricks to Injustice Gods Among Us. If you have questions or know anything else – we are delighted to see the comments below.