Insanely Cool Apps for iPhone!

On August 15, 2011

The Apple App Store has more than 425,000 apps to be exact and amazingly this number keeps on increasing by the day. In fact, there are applications for almost everything. However, with this overwhelming number of apps available on the store, finding some really cool apps can be hard. Not to worry, check out some of these applications for your iPhone.

Infinity Blade

This game pushes the iPhone to its limit as it sports one of the best graphics for mobile devices. Infinity Blade will leave the iPhone users stunned at its details and its gameplay. It is to no surprise that it won several awards for the year 2010.




Webe Bluetooth Mouse

WeBe is definitely a fun application to use. What it does is that it allows the screen of the iPhone to become a mouse for the computer. Users can then use it to move the cursor around. All that is needed is a Bluetooth connection with the computer and voila, it is done. Pranksters may also find this app fun for unexpected friends.


Word Lens

Imagine an app that would translate a standard wording in real time. Word Lens would be the application that you are looking for although it works only from Spanish to English and vice-versa. iPhone users can use their cameras to check for quick translations. The only downside of this app is that it costs $9.99 for each type of translation meaning that those wanting to have both Spanish to English and English to Spanish translator would have to fork out almost $20 for it.