Instagram products for the wanting users

On January 9, 2012

Instagram is definitely a great application for iPhone users. It speeds up the process of editing by ten folds at times and the results are most often than not, great. In fact, all of the photos are stored online and one of the things that the users can do is to get them printed out or create a product out of the photos. Here are some great companies offering great services through Instagram.

Postagram – Postcards are definitely cool so why not create a postcard through the use of the Instagram photos? Postagram offers this particular service at a price of only $0.99 per piece. It is definitely cheaper than the postcards in some places. Users can also customize their own messages on the postcards too.

Instagoodies – Long is the day of the sticker books, or is it? Instagoodies allows the user to create their own sticker books comprising of the photos from their Instagram accounts. A book of 90 stickers would cost only $14.

Hatchcraft – Hatchcraft is quite unique as it allows the user to purchase bamboo shadow box frames with their Instagram photos. The result is quite nice but to some, it may be a bit expensive at $22 for its 4” housing of $34 for the 7” housing.