Instagram video is here

On June 21, 2013

As promised, Facebook acquired Instagram has rolled out their new update, bringing video sharing to its social network. Similar to what we have been doing with photos, this update enables you to capture short videos, add some filters and save those memories for life.

The major features highlighted by Instagram are 13 new filters like Vesper, Dogpatch etc and an innovative stabilization technique called Cinema, which claims to eliminate those nasty shakes in videos.

Though a little late, this 4.0 update from Instagram is undoubtedly inspired from Twitter’s similar app, Vine. But instead of 6 seconds there, we have a little lavish 15 seconds in Instagram to play with. Personally, I have always thought that Vine’s playback was too short and now, I have found a fix!

At this juncture, Instagram surely seems to be a step ahead, but Twitter has been teasing us recently about some stunning updates coming soon to Vine. Its only after seeing what they have got in their bags, we can decide the ultimate champion in Video Networking!