Install iOS 5 beta 1 without Developer Account nor UDID Activated

On June 8, 2011

So you have downloaded iOS 5 beta 1, download and install itunes 10.5 beta, and restore iOS 5 through shift + restore method.

Now, all you have to do is activate UDID of your device (if you haven’t done so) through some online UDID activation service for a few bucks.

Don’t want to pay a few bucks for UDID activation fee?

Try these trick to activate iOS 5 beta 1 after you have installed iOS 5 beta 1 and stuck in “could not activate” iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and wanted to try out iOS 5 beta 1 for free (without paying any pennies to activate UDID). Yes, this is bypass UDID activation.
However, this is especially when you already have installed iOS 5 on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad but have UDID unactivated yet. If you haven’t installed iOS 5 yet, it the best to activate UDID without developer account

  1. Enable VoiceOver by triple-clicking the home button.
  2. Repeatedly make two and three-finger gestures in the top bar, until VoiceOver says “Notification center”.
  3. Slide to unlock, you will see the notification center.
  4. Click in the weather section, this will open the Weather app.
  5. Click the Yahoo icon in the bottom left corner of the Weather app; this will launch the Yahoo website in MobileSafari.
  6. In Safari, add the website to the home screen. Surprise!

If you are experiencing a problem while trying to swipe down to show the notification center, try it many times.
A bit confusing?

Watch this video demo to bypass (hacktivate) UDID activation and activate iOS 5 beta 1 for free.