InstantCam allows you to make photos with your iPhone more quickly

On August 1, 2011

InstantCam is a new application available on AppStore very useful for all users of iPhone devices.

I think that you’ve been for a lot of times in the case were you’ve wanted to make a quick picture with your iPhone, but because the Camera application opens quite hard and takes a long time, this didn’t succeed, the right moment has passed.

To avoid such a situation, InstantCam comes to your help giving you the opportunity to make your iPhone photos in a much faster way.

Functionality is relatively simple in the sense that after an install, you just need to adjust some settings and then you will see improvement in the Camera application of your iPhone. The most important aspect of this application is the Burst mode that, once activated, when you open the camera, the picture is done automatically, without having to press a button, thus gaining precious time especially at times when you want a picture quickly. And besides that, you can set the pictures to be made from time to time small, medium or longer, from the moment you open the Camera application.

Given these characteristics, InstantCam should not miss from the phone of those who tend to take pictures quite often with their iPhone. The application is available on AppStore at a cost of $0.99.

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