Instapaper Pro- Why I Spent $10 On A Free App

On September 4, 2008

Since downloading Instapaper last month I have been finding it to be an increasingly powerful app that is an ever growing part of my online life. It isn’t an understatement to say that it has changed the way I read material I find on the web.

When I come to something I want to read in depth now I simply highlight the text I want and hit the “Read Later” bookmark I got from the Instapaper website when I signed up for an account.

Seconds later the text is available in my Instapaper website on my Mac OR (and the reason for doing it in the first place) on my iPhone in a crisp, clean, easy to read format. Because of Instapaper I do little actual reading on my iMac or MacBook now. Instead, I grab it and read when I have a chance. It is not only convenient but I actually find it EASIER to read on Instapaper since all the extraneous website clutter is automatically removed. 

Here are a couple of screen caps of the progression from web to Instapaper…



The free version of Instapaper works amazingly well. There is, however, a Pro version for $9.99. After using the free version I just dropped ten dollars on the pro. Why? you might ask… for a few reasons-

First- The pro version has two killer features that I really want to have. I’ll describe them in my full review.

Second- I actually want to support the developer. He not only created an app I am using ALL THE TIME, but he also released a free version that is in no way crippled. You can use the free version and be perfectly happy.

THAT is the kind of developer I want to support. So I bought the pro version and am trying it out now. Look for the review soon.  

So I dropped yet another $10 on apps (boy this can add up!!!) but this time, am more than happy to do so.