Instapaper – Update

On November 24, 2008

Its funny, just yesterday as I was making sure my iPhone was loaded with any and every app I might want while on vacation.

I was thinking that it has been a while since we had heard anything about Instapaper. For those of you who may not be familiar with Instapaper, it allows you to grab any web page while browsing, save it with one click and then access it in a clean (images and links removed), easy to read format on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

While expensive IMO, the $9.99 pro version of the software add some useful features not found in the free app such as auto scrolling and text customization. It is one of the $10 app I actually DO NOT regret purchasing. You can read more about Instapaper in my post HERE.)

Well, as luck would have it, a quick look at the App Store this morning at 5am before heading to the airport showed that Instapaper Pro was just updated. It is a nice update that, in my opiion, adds substancially to the value of the pro version. The update includes-

– auto-updating so that you no longer have to physically activate a sync session to update the device. (This removes a HUGE annoyance!)

– a new "text-only" option that apparently speeds sync time significantly

– a fix so that changing the screen rotation doesn’t push you right back to the top of the article. (Another huge annoyance now gone! Thanks Marco!)

– a new dark interface mode similar to what is available on WriteRoom. (I love this configuration.)

Finally, it also adds new fonts and sizes, UI improvements, smoother autoscrolling and a disable rotation feature.

In all, it is a worthwhile update that reminds me why I was immediately taken with Instapaper when I first used it months ago.