Instaviz Update and Giveaway

On May 17, 2009

We were amomng the first sites to review Instaviz, the powerful iPhone/touch mindmapping app. Our Quick Take sums up our thoughts rather well…

Quick Take

Value:  If you use it high but Iam not convinced I would use it
Would I Buy Again:  Not yet sure
Learning Curve: Medium due to the lack of instructions (Watch the video if you buy)
Who is it for:  Organized people who like to mind map
What I like:  Impressive applicatio that actually works well
What I Don’t:   Some rough sides to it. The concept itelf is still an open question to me.

Final Statement: Instaviz is an impressive app. If you mind map, get organized best through visual means it is definitely worth a look.

Among our chief criticisms was the limited sharing ability provided by the app. As a result we concluded, "In all I find the application to be intriguing but definitely a version 1 release."

Well, Instaviz is no longer a Version 1 app! A recent update adds some excellent sharing capabilitites. We have details… and a chance to win a copy after the jump…


What Is Instaviz?

The developer describes it this way…

Sketch a graph. Make a point.

When you were young, the grown-ups used to catch you doodling little circles and lines on the back of your exercise books, instead of paying attention to what they said. They didn’t realize that sometimes you need to draw things down, how they relate to other things, in order to get them into your head and other people’s heads. When you were all grown up yourself, you learnt the grown-up names for these sketches — mind maps, concept maps, semantic networks, flowcharts, E-R diagrams — but here we just call them graphs.


What’s New…

Among the best ways to share your Instaviz diagrams is to export them to your desktop. The Instavue software for both Windows and Mac makes it easy. The application, which can be found HERE does require separate software running on your computer (not my favorite method of sharing) but does so quickly and easily.

In addition, Instaviz 1.3 adds some important sharing options that do not require another piece of software. Version 1.3 now exports to Microsoft Visio 2007, emails to iPhone and Mac users, imports from web servers and opens from third-party apps and websites.

In all, it is a great way to collect and organize your thoughts and, thanks to these new sharing abilities, it is better than ever.

Instaviz is $9.99 in the App Store. We, however, have a few copies to give away thanks to the good folks at Pixelglow.

For a chance to win one just leave a comment below telling us WHY you want a copy.