Intelligent people use iPhone. See the test rankings

On January 5, 2014


A British company has created an online test for smartphones owners, users resolving it in 94 seconds, while those from BlackBerry finished it in 118 seconds.

The mobile phone is no longer just utility or displaying a welfare state, recently helping us evolving. That shows a test involving more than 2,000 smartphone users, a test that was meant to find out the mental agility of the holders.

The test, conducted and posted by a British bookmaker named Ladbrokes, consisted of seven questions, each with four possible answers. Before starting the test, those interested were asked about the phone model they use, only then the timer started.

Surprisingly, or not, iPhone users were able to solve the Ladbrokes test in 94 seconds, the 2nd place was of those using Google Nexus phone. The podium is completed by those who use Samsung devices, while the bottom of the table are the owners of Blackberry phones.

Here is the top of Ladbrokes test:

  1. Apple 94
  2. Google 99
  3. Samsung 103
  4. HTC 105
  5. Nokia 109
  6. Blackberry 118