Some Interesting Concepts: iPhone Air And iPhone 6C [VIDEO]

On December 16, 2013


After MacBook Air and iPad Air seems that iPhone Air and iPhone 6C fallows the same steps, the C letter is reference for Curved screen.

Given the unbridled popularity of the latest iDevice, should not come as a surprise that the next images are made by creative minds that inhabit the online world. In other words, it’s a pleasure to see on the internet increasingly more videos, drawn pictures and 3D model made from scratch, just to draw attention to how they, the artists, see the next device – iPhone or iPad.


In this case, it seems that behind the below clips is a company named Set Sollution. Illustrated are two hypothetical devices, named iPhone Air and iPhone 6C. The first one is leading the idea to an extreme device, while maintaining all the characteristics that have made iPhone so popular. Sounds like a dream and is very likely to remain just that, given that the imaginary unit weighs only 70 grams and has a minimum thickness of 1.5 mm at the top and a maximum of 3.5 mm at the lower edge. iPhone 6C from the clip finds inspiration in the current iPhone 5C, if we look at the variety of colors, but it is significant different by integrating a curved panel.

In theory, the models seem quite futuristic, however, if we look at the LG G Flex, with its semi flexible display and Vivo X3, which is already below 5.75 mm, it is possible that in the coming years to see such a device.